Noah Jeffrey

Chief Marketing Engineer @ Range

Noah Jeffrey, professional web developer
Born: Noah John Jeffrey
June 26, 1989 (age )
Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S.
Alma mater: Saint John's University

About Noah

Web developer in profession, biologist by education, and a philosopher at heart, Noah was an aspiring entrepreneur since before he could legally work. With many years of professional web development experience, his technical strengths start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PhotoShop, and extend far beyond.

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As a life-long learner, Noah is always studying new topics and expanding his skillset. He believes that hard works leads to better results, so he pushes myself to do the best he can on the project at hand. Though he is naturally introverted, he prefers working with a team of other talented individuals.

Web Engineering Portfolio

Below are screenshots and descriptions of Noah's older projects, but he's up to much more than just shown here.

Teton Backcountry Rentals

Noah designed and built this responsive website for Teton Backcountry Rentals, an outdoor gear rental business in Jackson, WY. He also created and honed the company's SEO strategy that now generates around 1000 organic leads per month.

Teton Backcountry Rentals

Voz Apparel

Noah updated and maintained this ecommerce website for Voz Apparel. During the years that he worked full-time for this social enterprise, he coded customizations for their Shopify store in Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He later helped the company with SEO to improve ecommerce traffic and sales.

Voz Apparel's Shopify store

Stein Dental Group

Noah rebuilt this informational website for Stein Dental Group using Bootstrap, a popular HTML/CSS/JS framework. The site includes a comprehensive Spanish version and a form for submitting appointment requests.

Stein Dental Group's informational website

Qwert, Inc.

Noah built this responsive landing page for Qwert, Inc. to generate interest for the project and collect email addresses. He also programmed some of the basic functionality of the platform's sharing dock, allowing images to be dragged from the desktop to an icon on the page to be shared with that person.

Qwert - the drag and drop social network

Pebble Custom Watchface

Noah built this watchface for the Pebble Time smartwatch to practice with the C programming language. It's simple design displays the date, time, and weather conditions in an easy-to-read layout. Though it was built for personal use, Noah posted it to the Pebble watchface store where it's exceeded 100 installs and 13 favorites.


Noah's interests include music, painting, travel, biology (science), and art.

Concerning Hobbits for Flute & Piano

Here's an arrangement that Noah made of one of his most beloved songs, Concerning Hobbits, written for flute and piano. Noah first learned piano at a young age, later picking up the flute in his teen years.

"Concerning Hobbits for Flute & Piano" by Noah Jeffrey


Noah is happy to lend a hand or share advice with fellow entrepreneurs and developers. You may contact him using one of the icons below.

He's built custom database systems, easy-to-use Wordpress websites, Shopify ecommerce websites, and dozens of responsive (mobile-ready) pages. Noah now engineers automated marketing solutions and dabbles in machine learning.

Noah's Google Voice

(701) 732-0717